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Grant Vortex Utility 15-26kW Boiler

Part Number : H014442

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Boiler Type

  • Oil-Fired Condensing Boiler
  • Sleek White Casing
  • Exceptionally Quiet Operation

Grant Vortex Utility 15-26kW Boiler

The Grant Vortex Pro range has some of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the UK which not only significantly lowers fuel bills but also considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lessens the environmental impact of domestic hot water and heating systems. They incorporate the latest Riello low NOx burner technology with Grant’s patented heat exchangers to give an award winning range that meets the 2018 low NOx emission targets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Oil-Fired Condensing Boiler
  • Sleek White Casing
  • Exceptionally Quiet Operation
  • Fitted with Tried and Trusted Riello RDB Lo-NOx Burner
  • Unique Grant Vortex Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • 26kW Max Output
  • Annual Efficiency: 91.71% (Gross SAP2009)
  • Size: 860mm x 470mm x 603mm (HWD)
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee (When Installed by a G1 Accredited Installer)

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Guarantee 5 Years
Max Heat Output 26
Boiler Type Regular/Heat Only Boiler
Manufacturer Part Number VTX15/26

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the Grant Vortex boiler and the Grant VortexBlue boiler?

    The Grant Vortex boiler range uses a low NOx yellow flame burner, whereas the Grant VortexBlue boilers uses an ultra-Lox blue flame burner. The combustion head on the VortexBlue’s burner is specially designed to re-circulate the combustion gases. Re-circulating the combustion gases in this way significantly reduces NOx emissions and produces the clean blue flame which gives the technology its name.

  • What size of boiler do I need?

    Before selecting your new boiler, Grant recommend requesting that your installer performs a heat loss estimation of your home to ensure that you select the most appropriate size and type of boiler. Heat loss depends on the efficiency of any heat retaining methods that can be implemented in your home, for example loft insulation, double glazing, cavity wall insulation, draught proofing, etc. These practises could mean that your new boiler may need to be smaller than the one that it is replacing.

  • Can I run a new Grant Vortex boiler on an older heating system?

    As long as the system is thoroughly cleansed and updated to fully pumped operation, it is possible to run a Grant oil boiler on an older heating system.

  • Can I use my existing flue system for my new Grant boiler?

    Unfortunately, in most cases you will not be able to use an existing flue system with a new boiler. Condensing boilers have a lower flue gas temperature which can lead to harmful condensation in the chimney/flue. You will need to ensure that you install a Grant approved flue system which is stainless steel and sealed securely at the joints to prevent it from leaking. All Grant external modules come with a factory fitted flue system.

  • How often should a Grant boiler be serviced?

    Grant recommend that an oil boiler operating on kerosene should be serviced every twelve months, and an oil boiler operating on biofuel or gas oil should be serviced bi-annually.

  • I’m worried that my oil supply could run out, how would this affect my system?

    Grant recommend keeping your oil tank filled as required to ensure that the oil does not run out. If your oil supply does run out, you should contact a qualified oil heating engineer to bleed the system once the tank has been filled. It is recommended that after filling, a period of about an hour is allowed for any sediment that has been disturbed in the oil tank time to settle before operating the boiler. With an oil boiler, there is a risk of air and contaminants that sit in the bottom of your oil tank (water and sludge) reaching the oil line and ultimately the burner. This will affect the operation of your boiler, however maintaining an adequate oil level in the tank can prevent this from happening and causing further damage.

  • What is the slimmest model of boiler in the Grant Vortex Pro Utility Boiler range?

    At only 348mm wide, the Grant Vortex Pro Utility 15/21kW boiler is incredibly slim and specifically designed to fit within a kitchen unit. It is, therefore, the ideal as a direct replacement for many old oil-fired boilers.

  • Are sealed system Grant Vortex Pro Utility boilers available?

    Sealed system models are available in the Vortex Pro Utility range in outputs of 15/26kW, 26/36kW and 36-46kW. For the larger Pro Utility models over 46kW, they can be converted to sealed system operation with separate kits. 

  • Is top access required for servicing Grant Vortex Pro Utility boilers?

    Once a Vortex Pro Utility boiler has been installed, a permanent worktop can be fitted over the unit as access to the top of the boiler is no longer required. Please note, however, for system models, a removal section of the worktop above the boiler is required to provide top access for servicing.

  • If the chimney needs to be lined, what is the best flue system to install with a Vortex Pro Utility boiler?

    If a chimney is to be lined, Grant recommends the installation of their ‘Orange’ flue system which has been specifically designed to suit the Vortex range of condensing boilers. Utilising a suitable flexi pack which contains all the components required to use the existing chimney, this ‘Orange’ system allows the existing chimney to be re-used. The Grant ‘Red’ flue system can also be used on models up to 26kW.

  • What type of base should a Grant Vortex Pro Utility boiler be installed upon?

    The boiler should be sited on a firm, level surface. Please note, no special hearth is required for Pro Utility models. And, as with other boiler models, please ensure that sufficient clearance is allowed around the front of the boiler to enable the burner and baffles to be removed during servicing.

  • What efficiencies do the Grant Vortex Pro Utility boilers achieve?

    Grant’s Vortex Pro Utility oil fired boilers are incredibly efficient. Each model has an ErP rating of ‘A’ and can achieve efficiencies of up to 93.3% (SAP2009).

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