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In September 2018, we teamed up with Feefo, to receive accurate and honest feedback from our customers. Feedback allows us to develop and grow as a company, becoming better for the people who shop with us and use our services.

The Way It Works

To ensure that our reviews are legitimate, fair and honest, they must come from our genuine customers. No false reviews here! Anyone who buys online or in-branch will receive a text or email asking for their review. Reviews only take a few minutes so if you get an email on our behalf asking for a service and product review, tell us what you think!

Some FAQs
Since we have teamed up with Feefo we have been full of questions ourselves, so see below for some FAQs.

How do I leave a review?

When you shop with us, you will later receive either an email or an SMS message asking how your experience was with Plumbase and if you would like to leave a review. The link will take you to a page where you can leave your feedback.

Will Feefo send me spam?

No, you will only ever be contacted by Feefo with regards to leaving a review. Also, if you shop with us frequently you won't receive an email or SMS each time. We have settings in place that makes sure you will only receive a feedback request every 6 months, so you won't be bombarded.

Who can see my review?

All reviews are made public online, however if you wish to remain anonymous you can select this setting when leaving your response. From time to time we may use some reviews for marketing purposes, but we will never reveal a customer's identity.

Is my data safe?

Yes, the data collected can only be seen by Plumbase and Feefo. Again, we use this data for marketing purposes. Your data will never be sold, shared or passed on following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passes in May of 2018.

Please see this link for more information on GDPR

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